15 June 2011

Ready to Chop It Off . . . Again

Three Women Combing Their Hair by Edgar Degas

I'm big on volunteering and a believer that everybody has something to give: time, money, food, used clothes, blood, or in this case, hair!  If you, like me, are growing out your hair, here are a few possible ways to measure that perhaps it is time to consider chopping off a generous portion and say, donate it to Locks of Love.

1.  One strand in the bathtub drain is enough to dam up the water flow
2. If you ball up the loose strands after combing, it looks like the offspring of Chewbacca
3.  While grooming your underarms, you've accidentally shaved off the tips of your hair
4.  As a means of entertainment, you pick through your strands, looking for split ends.
5. You panic, thinking you're losing hair at an inexplicably high rate but it's only an optical illusion since your hairs are so long
6.  You are held captive if your hair gets stuck behind you when you sit down
7. Your hair never really dries day to day unless you devote an unnaturally long time blow drying it
8.  If you inhale sharply and your hair is not tied back, it's likely that you'll choke on a lock sucked down your throat
9.  The tips of your hair are effective way to tickle a baby's faces
10.  Your children use your hair as a means for hiding


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