29 July 2011

Funny Photos Part Two: The Funny Continues

I think it's high time for a few more hilarious moments caught on camera.  Enjoy!
 Why's this so funny?  Jack actually thought this outfit matched.  And it wasn't for mismatched outfit day at work or anything either.  You see why I worry about him?  Soon he'll be pulling his trousers up to his armpits and wearing black socks with white tennis shoes and khaki shorts (I shudder at the very thought!).  This is why men need women--to tell them they look ridiculous when they really do look just plain ridiculous.
 Here's how the annual Independence day fireworks show started: Kaylee hears no fireworks, Evelyn sees no fireworks.
 Sometimes I'll catch Evelyn making this face at herself in the mirror mounted across from the stairs.  I wonder what on earth she's thinking.
And finally, Kaylee's face completes the munchkin look.  She's about to don a pair of stripped socks and welcome Dorthy in the name of the Lollipop guild.


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