11 July 2011

Natural Talent

I have glimpsed, by accident of course, a few of the modeling shows that are on television and have had it confirmed: it really is difficult for some people to strike a decent pose.  Mind-boggling, even.
 I like this one . . . It reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are.

There are similaries, no?

Then there's this:
Poor girl looks like she took a tumble out of bed, although she doesn't look too concerned, does she?

I couldn't help but see the similarities in Claire's pose:
(A little risque, showing some belly and diaper!  She's not grasping modesty yet--she's still working on picking up things with her forefinger and thumb).

And Evelyn's fast becoming a daring shoe model:
(Using my shoes, of course).

The best part is that their talent is all natural--they certainly didn't get any photogenic genes from me.  And they knew just how to pucker their lips just right, mess their hair, where to put their hands, how to accessorize the floor with toys . . . it turned out just beautifully.  I think the cheap brown carpet really adds a lot to the photos, don't you?  I've a couple potential money makers on my hands.  But I'll encourage them to get an education as a back up plan, just in case.


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