07 July 2011

Not Much Beats Free

 How on earth do you get a chandelier attached to a high ceiling above stairs, you ask?  I will tell you!  It takes a lot of shoulder muscles, a bit of ingenuity and some stupidity.  I mean daring (the two are interchangeable, you see).
First of all, I have to point out that we got this chic light for the best price ever: free.  Through friends of the family, we ended up spending part of a vacation rummaging through some rich person's garage sale rejects.  You'd think there wouldn't be a lot of good stuff left after a garage sale but there was plenty to haul home.  If I understood correctly, the father of the family had been offered a coaching position in Hawaii.  Rather than pay to ship their belongings with them, everything had to go.  They weren't frantically trying to make a buck by stripping the home of its fixtures (I hear they got a generous moving package--who would want to take old stuff when you could just buy it all new?!).  I guess the real estate agent suggested some changes to be made around the home to help it sell faster which accounted for several additions to our house.  So, not only was the chandelier complementary, we actually liked it and it happens to match the rest of our decor.
So again you ask, how do you put it up there?
Here's how:
Don't try this at home kids.  It makes my parents cringe every time they see this, but it makes me laugh.  Well, now it does anyway.  Thank goodness Jack is a sliver and weighs less than a feather.  I'm not talking about a thick goose feather either--just one of those wispy, downy ones off a hummingbird.

 Finished painting just in time for carpet.  And for Claire to be born.

There's still some trim work that needs to be done in the stairway but with the carpet in and the walls freshly painted, we sometimes sit on the top step and think, "So this is what it's like to have a nice house."  Someday soon, we hope.  For now, we still keep our eye out for good deals and not much beats free.
Fresh carpet!  Time to put the banister back on (Good thing too--Evie was slightly nervous about the banister-less stairs but was becoming much too bold for my liking).


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