28 September 2011

The Harry Potter Suite

In order to build the stairs, we had to remove one of the low hanging closets from the bedrooms above.  It was agonizing tearing out a closet--we needed all of the storage space we could get!  However, all was not lost.

When we augmented the stairs, the size of the cubbyhole underneath doubled.  Rather than wall it in, we decided to keep the broom closet at the one end and make a door access for the other.
The white door and barn wood door lead to the same space under the steps.  I can fit in tons of unsightly storage!
Had Harry Potter grown up beneath our staircase, he would have had no reason to complain--it'd be a veritable suite compared to the Dursley's steps.

In typical fashion, we shun buying things that we can build ourselves.  Jack was so sweet to use his precious after school time to construct a lovely entrance to the closet.

I thought it was so clever how he made the clamps work even though they were too short.  I would have given up rather than use my brain to come up with a solution.  Thank goodness I married an engineer.

And of course, the girls are always more than willing to help, though "help" is a very subjective term.  We love that they try!
Originally Jack put the hinges on the inside but it seemed a shame to hide them since they added a neat antiquated feet to the door and matched our black balusters.  So, he switched them for me.

Now all that's left is to clean out the closet and put up some shelves to organize whatever stuff I decide to hide in there.
That or build a bunk for overnighting guests . . .


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