08 October 2011

Bad Manners

Jack and I have tried to be very conscientious in teaching our girls their manners.  The world is full of rude and snide inhabitants.  Maliciousness is so passé .
The are however, some teeny tiny refinements that we'll have to work on as they continue to age.
It's my fault really.  I imagine that it started when I taught my greyhound, Clay, to climb up on the armchair.  It's been his very own for nearly a decade.  I can't tell him to get down now!
So it didn't take long for my girls to learn that I've got a pretty relaxed attitude about furniture, especially since we got all of ours for free.  It's nothing pretty--it clashes terribly--but it's comfortable and man is it fun to jump on.

It wouldn't be so bad except that this weekend, Evie started recruiting her cousin to leap from their great-grandma's couch.
 It's one thing to do it at home, another to do it as a guest in someone else's house.
At least she says Please, Thank You, Excuse Me and Bless You.  I probably should have nipped it in the bud when she first started.  Oh, well.  It could be a lot worse.


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