12 October 2011

Guilt-Free Chicken Salad

Despite all of the sinfully delicious recipes for sweets I tend to post, I also love recipes that are low calorie, sugar free and all around healthy (probably so I can reserve some calories for an after dinner treat).

This is a recipe my mom "invented."  It is sugar free, low calorie and high in protein and fiber.  Even though it's healthful, it's actually quite tasty.


1 can chicken breast, about 13 oz (you can substitute cooked chicken if you're out of the canned variety)
2 to 3 sprigs of green onion, chopped
1 celery stalk, chopped
3 teaspoons dijionaise mustard
3 Tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
4 Tablespoons Walden Farms Dressing (I think Thousand Island, Honey Mustard or French works well but you can experiment to see what kind you prefer)
1/4 cup artificial sweetener
Mrs. Dash Table Blend Seasoning

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients.  Season to taste.  Blend well.  Serve over salad, as a sandwich or scoop up with extra celery stalks.

(That was easy, wasn't it?!)


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