04 October 2011

Making A Fool Of Myself

As a kid I remember feeling a bit awkward and shy.  Really though, who didn't have those sentiments at one time or another?  The difference is that some leaped over those stumbling blocks while I skidded right into them and crashed to a halt.

Now that I'm an adult and have been through a myriad of life experiences, I'm beginning to embrace that performing demanding tasks affords me growth.  While I won't do anything morally offensive or overtly dangerous (I think that's a good justification to avoid skydiving!), there are still plenty of challenges that would help me to blossom.

To facilitate reaching beyond my comfort zone, I've decided that I should do more activities that challenge me so I'm making a fool of myself at a local ballet class.  It's specifically geared towards women who might not normally be inclined to put on ballet slippers and stumble around a slick wood floor, attempting gracefulness.  Several of the class members pestered me until I gave in (peer pressure does not disappear when you graduate high school and is not neccessarily a bad thing).   The ridiculous part is that I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.  It's a break from the routine of fixing the house and feeding animals and has really helped me appreciate just how difficult dance really is.  Besides, I love a lot of French things--dressage, croissants, quiche, the language--why not give ballet a try?
I don't suppose this is what the other women and I will look like at our performance.  That doesn't mean I can't pretend that we're dazzling snowflake dancers.

I may have to reevaluate my feelings come December when we put on a recital for our families.  I'll just give myself the pep talk that I'm simply growing while praying fervently that I don't tumble off the stage.


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