17 October 2011

Quebecois Halloween

Autumn inevitably reminds me of Montreal, Quebec where I lived for nearly a year and a half.  It is a fascinating place bursting with interesting people to match.

One of the most unusual things about their culture is their pronunciation (and their sense of humor--see video below).  Sure, they're speaking French but Quebecois is to Parisian French as Alabama English is to English, well, English.

Now, don't mistake me--I love the quirky Quebecois language.  If you've never heard them speak before, watch this short Halloween clip.

(You might catch a few words in their like "pop tart" and "grilled cheese"--the Quebecois like to toss in English words).

Don't be afraid to laugh, even if you don't understand . . .

So weird, huh?  But hilarious at the same time.  There's an English version if you'd like to look it up, though I don't find it nearly as funny since they employ mildly foul language.  Plus, it's not as amusingly odd.


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