25 November 2011

Funny Photos: That Was Good

I spotted a few comical photos lately, all centered around eating.  Here's a couple of them:
Claire is not one to delay finishing off her food.  By the end of the meal, she was beyond happy--giddy really--that her tummy was no longer vacant.

Lydia was assigned the official taste tester while my sister and I whipped up our Thanksgiving meal.  She ate it and also essayed the grub as a potential beauty product, smothering it on her face, cheeks and hands and hair.

Next time I'll take Evelyn seriously when she says she's not hungry and would rather take a nap . . .

A flawless evil villain mustache composed entirely of tasty chocolate!

I don't know many kids that wouldn't be ecstatic to be eating chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream!


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