18 November 2011

The Great Outdoors

This morning I accidentally left the door open and Snickers slipped in, thinking she'd have a warm nap curled up on the couch.  She didn't account for the fact that the kids were awake and that Claire's new obsession are the cats, so much so that she's learned to say "Kitties!" before "Mama" or "Dadda."

It didn't take long for Snickers to remember that, while the benefit may outweigh the cost once in a while, she prefers the great outdoors.  In several ways, she's safer.

Here's what Snickers suffered at the hands of Claire before dashing away:

Did you hear her say, "Kitty" when Snickers got up?

After escaping Claire's grasp, she bolted for the door.  Jack was more than happy to send her out but it was Evelyn who scooped her up as best as she could and drug her to the back patio.  With one annoyed glance over her shoulder, she trotted off to the hay pile for a nap.  It might be chillier but there would be no boisterous girls to torment her.


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