23 November 2011

Kid's Cranberry Salad

This fluffy salad is a great way to get your kids to love cranberries.  It's sweet, pink and has miniature marshmallows!  Plus, it only has a few steps and though it requires several hours of refrigeration, can be made several days early and frozen until you're ready to enjoy it.

Here's How To Make It:
In blender, combine 1 package of cranberries and 1 3/4 cups sugar until smooth.  Refrigerate for two hours.
Add 1 large bag of miniature marshmallows and fold in one 16oz container of cool whip.  Refrigerate two hours more.
Add one can of pineapple with juice (if you've reduced the amount of marshmallows, drain the juice from the pineapple before adding).  Mix well and (you guessed it!) refrigerate before serving.


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