11 November 2011


The end of daylight savings time has thrown our whole household off.  The girls are ready to sleep by dinner and wake up before the sun peers over the horizon.  I can barely make it to my bedtime either.

Needless to say, it's made us all a little cranky.  This morning was no different. Claire, Evelyn and I sat at the dining room table in the dark, still puffy-eyed and groggy as we ate.  I nursed my crabbiness, wondering why I couldn't sleep in once in a while.  Before I had time to pout more, I looked out the window.
My horses were grazing mere feet away.  I watched Stoney and Dancer compete playfully for the salt lick before heading over to the trough for a drink.  The western sky was a backdrop of solid periwinkle, highlighting perfectly the soft full moon.
I felt a bit ashamed that I'd had any reason to complain.  Though I was tired, I had a chance to watch a beautiful morning unfold, uninhibited by a sea of surrounding houses or bustling traffic.  I drew back the curtains from the east window and together we watched the sun rise while we ate breakfast.

After eating, we lazed around, laughed and played when the mood struck.  We observed the birds twitting about and the cats unsuccessfully stalking them.  I turned on some music and Jack came down to dance with the kids. It wasn't long before we were cheerful and refreshed enough to start on our chores and the day's home improvement projects.
Sometimes, all I need is a gentle reminder how incredibly blessed I am.  The dismal cloud hanging over me evaporated and I felt nothing but happy, thanks to the enchanting morning displayed right outside.


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