23 November 2011

Nothing But Ordinary

I took this picture several weeks ago as I scrambled in the dark to finish some landscaping.  Rain was imminent the following day and I for one didn't want to try to shovel mud out of the way to plant bushes.

I didn't intend the picture to be a creepy Peeping Tom sort of photo but a way to give perspective on our home.  There is nothing special about the shot, nothing but ordinary--toys scattered on the floor, the television's on, nobody's posing--but what sticks out to me are the rooms encompassing the cheery family.  Lately, the house has been transforming at a rate that I am beginning to forget what a decrepit shanty it was only a few years ago. Usually, I'm a bit sentimental about change but in this case, I am more than happy to leave the home's trying past behind.


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