05 December 2011

Grilled Bacon Sandwich

I love those chic sandwich shops that have hot sandwiches and comfy seating.  What I don't care for are the prices, however.  I have a hard time paying someone to make a sandwich for me at such a markup when I could do the same thing from home.  And in pajamas.

Even better is having Jack make me a sandwich while I look on in my jammies.  He had made a similar sandwich for lunch and by dinner, I was craving one myself.  I modified my order a bit and he obliged.  I'd say it ended up quite delicious.

You'll need:

2 thin slices of french bread
Miracle Whip
Dijionaise mustard
2 slices bacon
1 slice cheese (Provolone, swiss, cheddar--you pick!)
Thin sliced red onion
1 teaspoon butter

Spread Miracle Whip and mustard on bread.

Cook bacon until crisp, break in half and place on bread.
Place cheese, spinach and red onion on sandwich.  Close sandwich and butter outside.
In hot skillet, grill sandwich until golden on either side.  Slice in half and enjoy!


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