13 December 2011

My Little Mountaineer

Don't be fooled by that adorable face.  This girl is trouble when she wants to be.  Nothing malicious yet, thank goodness, but she's one sneaky girl.  Remember when I had a hard time keeping them down?  Claire proved it was only the beginning.  Sure, Evelyn has scaled ladders in the blink of an eye but Claire has mastered everything from ladders, step-stools and couches to tabletops and nightstands.  There's nothing she won't climb and really, I think she takes it as a personal challenge if I tell her to keep down. Apparently acrophobia isn't genetic or she'd be grounded like I prefer to be.

The other day we went to babysit some friends.  Claire managed to scale up onto their vintage school desk when I turned my back:
And then after dinner while we loaded the dishwasher, Claire decided she wasn't done eating and managed to get on top of the kitchen table to help herself to more:
We cannot keep her off of the nightstand by our living room couch.  I don't really even try anymore:
And during Thanksgiving, my sister and I kept discovering Claire standing and sometimes sitting on the table so she could pat the turkey.  After many handwashings, she was banished from "helping":
There's nothing that's too insignificant to sit or stand atop either--food storage buckets, wrapping paper containers, etc:

But by far, her favorite way to get some altitude is for daddy to just toss her:

I think this phase is eventually going to die down, hopefully before she falls and really hurts or scares herself.  I just hope the next stage is a bit more mild . . .

. . . although sticking abnormally large objects into her mouth doesn't seem much better.


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