09 December 2011

Now You See It . . .

It was bound to happen though I'd been dreading it for a while.  With home improvements done or well on their way in the rest of the house, it was only a matter of time before I'd have to tackle the front room where we house our impressive collection of tools.

I worked around it as long as I could. I tore off the paneling and began insulating but it was troublesome squeezing around the mess.  So, I squelched my fears and began the impossible.

Remember that Harry Potter Suite?  I choose that as the target storage area for the machinery.  Had I a garage, I'd have an immaculate workspace but until that dream is realized, a spacious under-the-stairs closet will have to do.

I tidied up the already full cubbyhole and began filling it with all kinds of equipment.  Those favorite, well-used tools got a spot at the front while the specialty instruments were tucked in the back.

It took several hours to accomplish but I feel so much better now that it's checked off my list.  It's almost magical how the disappearance of clutter makes a room seem more spacious.  Sure, the closet is crammed full and it's tedious finding what I'm looking for but once the closet door is shut, I forget about it, happy that I can insulate, drywall, sand, paint and floor the room without stumbling around a mountain of tools.


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