16 December 2011

What Am I Doing?

It's finally hitting:  today is our last full day here for almost six months and honestly, it's not sitting well with me.

"What am I doing?!" keeps popping into my head.  I'm not opposed to traveling or seeing new places but the thought of giving up my home and livestock to be a displaced vagabond is unnerving.  We're taking only essentials so luxuries like couches, dressers and a dining table are all out.  They won't fit in the truck so they're staying here for our rental family.  It's hard to make a place feel like a home without some of our belongings.  I have no doubt we'll find temporary replacements though through the generosity of others.

I am having the same sentiments I had when I left to serve an 18 month mission for my church.  It was overwhelming and scary at the commencement but then I remember how eventually, Montreal felt familiar and comfortable.  It was a great adventure that helped me learn and stretch in ways I never could had I not been transplanted.

We'll be back before we know it.  Things here have miraculously fallen into place and life will continue on wherever we are.  There will be countryside to explore, sunsets to see, escapades to experience and season us and people to meet.  When I think of it, it seems more and more like an adventure accompanied by a great story, patiently waiting to be told.


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