16 January 2012

At Least We're Not Pioneers

When I told my mom that we would be moving to Iowa for Jack to work on his schooling, she looked at me like it might as well have been Mars.  When I informed her that we'd be in Texas for a while, she wasn't too thrilled either, especially since this time it meant we'd be taking two of her grandchildren even further away.

In reality, at least we're not pioneers.  Can you imagine how difficult it must have been to leave family, certain you'd never see or hear from them again?  I can't even begin to fathom how heart-wrenching it would've been.  We're so spoiled nowadays with the exponential number of technological advances that allow us to stay connected.  No more relying on anything like the Pony Express for a short, probably out-of-date letter to arrive.  We don't even have to wait for email for that matter!
I count video chatting as a particular blessing.  By the way Evie and Claire carried on, you'd have thought their grandmother was sitting in the room with them.  After a tour of the apartment, Evelyn and Claire "played" with grandma.  Unexpectedly, cousins Kaylee and Lydia arrived with Jenny, only adding to the fun.

Kaylee sat down in front of the computer and soon, was making hilarious faces:
Evelyn couldn't help but copy:
Since she got such a good belly laugh out of everyone, she kept repeating:
Her crazy pigtail hair only adds to the entertainment.
Ten minutes later, she was still tugging at the corners of her mouth:
Our conversation (and face-making) only lasted about an hour but by the end, felt like we'd had an enjoyable evening together under the same roof.  We're hundreds of miles apart but I really am grateful I'm no pioneer.


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