24 January 2012

Foam Masks

Since making our recycled piggy bank, we had plenty of craft foam left so we decided to make some quick, fun animal masks.

What You'll Need:

 Several sheets of craft foam
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
X-Acto knife and cutting board
Any other decorative flowers, jewels, etc

1.  Freehand or trace and cut out circle for head
2.  Freehand or trace nose/mouth, cutting out details with X-Acto knife.
 3.  Cut out ear pieces (to make them symmetrical, cut out one, flip it over and cut out a mirror image).  Attach nose/mouth piece and ears with hot glue.
 5Carefully cut eye holes.
 6.  Attach a Popsicle stick with hot glue to the back of the mask.
Have fun!
***Just a tip: If any of your masks have long pieces, like the bunny ears, glue Popsicle sticks between the ears and head piece of the mask to help them stand up better.***


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