15 February 2012

Just Perfect

Though we toyed with the idea of spending Valentine's Day at a local Murder Mystery Dinner, the thought of dropping that much cash on food and prime time babysitting on a school night made us rethink our plans.  Luckily, the evening turned out to be a blast anyway.
Jack strolled in the door at his usual time but snuck stealthily to the bedroom to unearth my present.  I'd given him a package of delectable truffles before he left for work, complete with a dramatic meltdown from Evelyn when she realized they weren't hers.  He stymied her tears by handing her a very large, very tasty piece of chocolate just for her.  As I set the table for a slightly-more-thoughtful-than-normal dinner, Jack handed me this:
A carved wood jewelry box filled to the brim with Jelly Belly's, chocolate Kisses and Watermelon gum.  He knows me entirely too well.  To top it off, he gave the girls some sugary treats of their own.

Before we ate, Jack stoked a fire (thankfully it didn't become too warm), we kissed Claire goodnight and I put the finishing touches on our meal.  Then we had a romantic at-home, candlelit dinner date . . .
. . . chaperoned by Evelyn and her bowl of ice cream.
Our Valentine's Day was just perfect.  Hope yours was too!

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