14 February 2012

A Stroller Will Do

Both kids fit!
My aunt and grandmother wisely gifted a sturdy jogging stroller to me before Evelyn was born and I have diligently used it around the farm as well as on the running trails.
When Claire came along and before I invested in a double stroller, I found out I could jam two kids in it to save from having to carry one while guiding the stroller one-handed.  They don't mind.

The underneath pouch has been incredibly versatile as well.  It's a veritable pack mule for how much it can carry.  It sure saves a lot of trips back and forth, especially when working on an outside project.
I fit all kinds of saws, chainsaws, hammers and nails under the girls.
Who needs and ATV or utility vehicle when you've got a multifaceted jogging stroller?  Of course, should Jack gift me a utility vehicle, I wouldn't say no.  For now though, a stroller will do.
Sleepy Claire!

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