21 February 2012

Surfside Holiday

Sea Foam Feet

For one of Jack's rare days away from work, we decided to get together with his sister and her family for a much needed three-day vacation.  Where else better to spend it than at the beach?

Though it wasn't quite warm enough to dive into the rolling waves, that didn't stop us, particularly the girls.  Initially, they were apprehensive about it all--their feet sinking into the sand, the chilly, salty water that washed up and soaked their pants, the spiky seashells and mushy seaweed scattering the beach.  It wasn't long though before they discovered the fun they could have when they conquered their fears.

For the most part, the weekend was a success.  There were, however, a few bumps in the road.  Getting ready for church on Sunday, Jack's suit pants ripped.  Not a tiny tear either--it looked like an overzealous dog got a hold of his hind end.  Having no other slacks, sewing supplies, tape, glue, staples--anything!--he did his best to keep the unsightly gash covered under his suit jacket.

To add to the excitement, Jack set our beautifully sleek laptop on the roof of the car while buckling in Evelyn.  Promptly forgetting about it, we were reminded when it flew off the car at forty miles per hour.  Miraculously, it's still limping along though remains in critical condition.  Oops.

To top it off, we arrived at the local church building only to discover it was deserted.  It happened to be stake conference, a biannual meeting where several congregations in a region combine.  Over an hour away, we knew we weren't going to make it so we laughed at the pathetic morning and headed home.
The rest of the time we spend digging up clams, walking along the pier, watching jealously as a woman rode her horse along the beach (okay, that was just me), collecting seashells and endless running through the surf.

Like any good vacation, it went entirely too fast.  I'm consoling myself with the fact that in a months time, my side of the family will be heading down for a Texas spring break and we're going right back down to that same beach.  Now all I have to do is be patient while I anxiously count down the days.


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