13 February 2012

Winter Wonderland

It snowed yesterday!  Well, flurried is probably a more accurate description.  None of the flakes stuck around for more than few seconds once they crashed into the ground.  However, having a fifteen minute snow shower made winter feel a little more normal.

I made everyone go outside and try to catch snow on their tongues.  It seemed like the entire apartment complex was abandoned save for a few other excited children screeching excitedly that it was snowing.  The other tenants were watching us from the warmth of their living rooms, wondering what on earth we were doing outside while it was so chilly.

Though I was happy to see some magic from Mother Nature, I'll admit I don't miss the six foot drifts, frequently getting the car high-centered in the driveway and the incessant, backbreaking shoveling that usually accompanies rural Iowa winters.  I'll just consider this winter a much appreciated break before being tossed back into the Midwest's winter wonderland next year.
 My head almost got cold from the melting snow.  Almost.

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