31 March 2012

Author Interview: Dustin Kuhlman

As an aspiring author myself, I decided it was probably important that I glean some wisdom off those who have already trod the path to publication.  Luckily, I discovered a former classmate, Dustin Kuhlman recently published his debut novel entitled Warned.

While I'm not generally drawn to science fiction (let's just say I'm all too familiar with everything from Star Trek to Star Wars to Stargate and have been since childhood), there is definitely an underlying human element throughout the novel that I enjoyed.  Though it primarily focuses on earth's untimely demise due to a severe acceleration of global warming, it often made me reflect upon my role to avoid over consumption, reduce waste and what small steps I can take to be a better steward over this beautiful planet.  That is certainly something I can relate to as I plant my own food or recycle in new, creative ways.

Dustin was kind enough to answer a few brief questions for me that I thought I'd share.  Who knows?  Authors are an expansive breed of people with a variety of backgrounds and perhaps you'll publish your own literature one day.

What do you hope readers will take away from your novel?: I hope the reader will be inspired to treat the earth and each other with respect and care.
From conception to publishing, how long was the process?: I started writing in August of '07. Warned was released on June 21st 2011. During that time I put in two and a half years of work. Now that I am familiar with the process, I feel I could cut that time in half for my next novel.
Do you have a favorite time or place where you find you are the most inspired?: This question reminds me of a quote by Orson Scott Card. "Isolation is the optimum environment for creativity". I do best when I can concentrate and not have distractions when actually writing. Although I have also had great inspiration out in the world while around many distractions.

Do you have any advice for new/aspiring authors?: Without getting too technical, just take it one day at a time. Looking back there are countless steps when completing a novel and/or starting a publishing company. Rather than try to do everything at once focus on a single task and do it.

Are there any additional books, sequels or otherwise, in the future?: I have many more ideas for upcoming books both fiction and non-fiction.

Where can readers purchase your novel?: Warned is available in print at Amazon.com and Admonishpublishing.com. The ebook is available on amazon, itunes, smashwords, barnesandnoble.com and admonishpublishing.com.

A synopsis of Warned is available on the homepage of Admonish Publishing as well as an additional interview with the author under the Media Resources tab.


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