26 March 2012

The Bloated Pink Bunny

I needed something to, shall we say, encourage Evelyn to finish her dinner last night.  Nothing like a beautifully wrapped Easter gift from the girls' great grandma and great aunt!  I was trying to save it until closer to Easter but I had a hunch there were a few items like an egg dying kit we'd be able to use pre-Easter so I used that awesome present as bait and Evelyn gobbled her meal right up.

We sorted through the goodies and I tucked away most of the candy and toys away before the kids could get too attached--it'll be a surprise again come Easter.  The one thing I couldn't bring myself to put away was a hilarious bunny punching balloon.
I remember receiving several punching balloons as a kid and though I've got a phobia of balloons exploding in my face, it never occurred to me that punching a balloon put me at greater risk.  Anyway, since I last played with a punching balloon, the things have gotten even more high-tech.  Not only are they made from incredibly durable material, they're shaped into amusing creatures.  In honor of Easter, we got a rabbit.
Jack blew it up but it took him a few times to figure out how to tie the end off so it wouldn't deflate.  The result?  A bloated pink bunny.

Evelyn tried her darnedest to get the bunny to deflate again.  See?
And Claire took a turn at it too but was unsuccessful.
(Did you catch a glimpse of our TV atop a TV?  Very hick, yes, but I couldn't bring myself to invest in a coffee table just for the duration of our stay...I just pretend it's recycling).
Those things really are tough.
Thanks Great Grandma Deaton and Aunt Michele!


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