14 March 2012

Hair by Claire

Claire is always fascinated when I set Evelyn on the counter and comb her hair into pigtails.  So, today I did the same with her.  She has such stick straight hair that is about to beat out Evelyn's in length (if only Evie would stop twirling!).  The result?

Two darling, pointy pony tails.
Though the pigtails are so cute, they rarely last long.  When the girls get sleepy, they inevitably reach for their hair to find something to keep them occupied.  Evelyn ripped out her rubber bands first . . .
. . . and Claire quickly followed suite.
It didn't take long for Claire to realize I was laughing at her ridiculous hairstyle so she came up with a reasonable solution to smooth it back down:
I seriously blinked for a second and she had her plate smushed into her hair.  Cottage cheese must be soothing on the scalp, I guess.

All I could think:
Thank goodness it's bath night.
Claire will be taking appointments for hair treatments and stylings after she wakes up from her nap.


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