03 March 2012

Snow Family

This time of the year, I'm generally gritting my teeth and wishing the snow would just be over with.  This season, however, I'm incredibly nostalgic and missing the cold, fluffy flakes.  Sure, it's hard to walk through and makes doing outside chores a pain but it's also immensely fun, especially with kids.
With Claire napping, I was inside tidying up a bit when Jack and Evelyn ventured outside to play last winter.  They built not one, but four snowmen.  They weren't just the generic snowmen either: Jack and Evie took the time to carefully replicate each of us.
Me and Jack, Evelyn holding her daddy's hand and Claire snuggled in my arms.  And Hercules.  He rarely denies a photo op.

I thought it was a pretty clever rendition of our family thanks to Jack and Evelyn.


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