06 April 2012

Doggie Egg Rolls

Our volunteer hours have been down significantly at the pound--not because we got tired of helping out the adorable animals--but because all of the small and medium dogs were either adopted or placed in foster homes to make room for a large seizure from a puppy mill.  All of those poor dogs are in quarantine until the court date so that only leaves the big dogs for us to socialize.  As much as I love big dogs, I didn't think I could wrangle one into the car while keeping an eye on the girls.  So, we just got a little creative in our volunteering.
Ever since we went to volunteer orientation at the local humane society, we've been stockpiling our spent toilet paper rolls (some with the help of Claire wandering off to the bathroom to yank toilet paper off just for fun).  It turns out dogs can digest cardboard so toilet paper rolls can be turned into inexpensive, recycled toys/treats.  The end result looks like a nicely packaged doggie egg roll.
What You'll Need:

Cardboard toilet paper rolls
Peanut butter
Dog food
1.  Mix dog food and peanut butter together (feel free to skip the peanut butter if your pooch is going to play with their treat indoors or little kids are helping out).
2.  At one end of the toilet paper rolls, press two sides together and fold the other two on top, pinching tightly to keep it closed.
3.  Fill the toilet paper roll with the dog food mixture.
4.  Seal the open end in the same fashion.
5.  Hand them out!

Of course, if your dog has any health concerns, consult your veterinarian before doling out doggie egg rolls.


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