22 April 2012

Repurposed Shirt: Girl's Skirt With Undershorts Tutorial

I remember recycling from a very young age.  We'd string together smashed milk jugs (six kids drink a lot of milk fast!) and peeling the labels off tin cans before taking them to the recycling center.  Now, Jack and I recycle everything from barn wood to retired laying hens to cut ditch grass.

In honor of Earth Day, I repurposed an old shirt into a new skirt with undershorts for Claire.  It took a bit of figuring out but once I wrapped my brain around it, it wasn't too difficult.

Here's How:
1.  Take waist measurements of child.  Using an old shirt (or about a quarter yard of fabric), cut two pieces for the skirt (the top should measure the circumference of the waist plus an inch for seam allowance or it can be gathered to the right circumference).  Pin right sides together and sew (I used the seam at the bottom of the shirt.  Otherwise, hem the bottom of the skirt).
2.  Cut sleeves off of shirt, curving the back slightly to fit around the derriere.  Pin right sides together and sew together to make undershorts.
3.  Cut four pieces of fabric for a waistband, half the circumference of the waist plus one inch for seam allowance and two inches wide.
4.  Pin right sides of waistband together and sew at top.
 5.  Open up waistband pieces and pin right sides together, sewing together at the ends.
6.  Cut a piece of elastic the length of the child's waist measurement.  Sew together at the end and put inside the waistband piece.
7.  Baste the top of the skirt if needed and gather.
 8.  With the shorts right side out, the skirt right side out and the waistband facing down, pin the three pieces together at the top and sew securely.
Check for any mistakes and fix if necessary.

Happy Earth Day!


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