14 May 2012

10 Reasons Why Pregnancy Is Great

Sure, pregnancy and birth will wreak a bit of havoc on you, from constant nausea, trips to the restroom (half of which are in the middle of the night), post-pregnancy hair loss, a new palate of stretch marks, raging heartburn and fluctuating mood swings among other things.  So, here are ten reasons why pregnancy is great.
  1. Finally!  A legitimate excuse to gain weight!
  2. Curves are the new fashion must-have.
  3. Though some people can be jealous, rude or downright creepy (nothing like a total stranger laying their hands on your belly or telling your their delivery horror stories), most people insist you sit in their spot, go first in line, that they hold the door for you, etc.  It can make anyone feel special.
  4. Though there is a long standing old wives tale that your hormones are wild and crazy during pregnancy (graphs of a woman's hormones will show they actually stabilize and look as lively as a flatlined heart monitor for the duration of gestation), people will still allow you to blame hormones for any bizarre behavior you may experience, from eating pickles and ice cream to bursting into a crying fit for no apparent reason.  It's like you can't control yourself and no one blames you.
  5. It's a powerful feeling realizing you can grow another human with little to no effort on your part other than eating more food in exchange for carrying them around internally for nine months.  I'm okay with that.
  6. There's no describing what it feels like to be kicked and punched from inside your guts.
  7.  It has been medically proven that the hormone Oxytocin, which is abundant in pregnant and nursing women, inhibits memory.  That's right.  There's a medical reason why pregnant and nursing women are so incredibly forgetful.  That'd explain why the last four years has sort of been a haze...
  8. Eventually, nothing fits.  That means a new wardrobe.
  9.  If you ever have wondered what you'd look like with kankles, just wait.  You'll get a chance.
  10. At the end of all that hard work, you get an adorable baby.


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