27 May 2012

A Day For Mothers

While most of the time, we try take advantage of our precious Saturdays and catch some extra sleep (although explain sleeping in to little kids), the day before Mother's Day, we decided to take a different route.  Instead, we woke up earlier than normal and with the girls, drove up to Dallas to attend the temple, a very sacred and holy edifice to us.  We traded babysitting with some friends and while we each went inside and enjoyed time together as a couple.
Watching the fountains with their friend.
I'm always reminded how blessed I am when I go.  Not only have I been fortunate to snag such a wonderful guy to be my husband, he's also an incredible father, doting unabashedly on his daughters.  In a time when traditional family and marriage are sometimes looked down upon, I am certain that marriage, then children is  the correct order and adhering to it has been a blessing and protection to our family in the sometimes stormy world.
The temple also reminded me of the eternal nature of families.  What better reassurance could there be to a woman that her husband and children will be with her forever, even after death?  I can't think of a better admonition or appropriate Mother's Day eve gift.
Of course, we had a bit of fun too.  We bumped into some friends who mentioned Medieval Times was having a special for mothers, so we drove over and waited for the show to start while the girls passed out in their car seats.
Our knight lost in the first round.  Oh, well.  It was still fun.
Come Mother's Day, it was full of church, napping, video chatting with mothers and grandmothers and Evelyn, screaming excitedly, "Mom!  We're going to make you a card!" before Jack could even hand her the paper and crayons.  It was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend that prompted me to remember how fortunate I am to be a woman, wife and mother.  I hope everyone else took the chance to celebrate womanhood too!
Can't you just feel her excitement?


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