21 June 2012

Back To Normal

It's coming up on a month since we've returned from Texas.  Picnics are once again a regular occurrence.  There are horses, chickens, sheep, cats and wildlife at every turn.  The weeds in the pasture are being subdued.  The lawn looks like a lawn again, instead of a tall grass prairie.
Entertainment is always just outside our door.  We sit down every evening, exhausted but satisfied by the hard work.  We're surrounded by corn and the sap beetles are incredibly populous this year.
The cats are content we're home.  They're no longer feral and come when they're called.  At least when they feel like it.
We all get ample amounts of Vitamin D straight from the sunlight and are getting all sorts of bizarre tan lines.  Baths occur much more regularly.  How could they not with the number of animals we touch and how hard we work and play all day?
I have been the recipient of multiple wildflower bouquets.  The latest from the girls consisted of white clover, milkweed and catnip.  Home improvements and renovations are in full swing.  I've had a few meltdowns wondering how we're going to pay for everything and have already seen a few miracles that make me reflect on why I ever doubt.
Everything is definitely getting back to normal.


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