15 June 2012

Eating Out

Now that we're home, eating out no longer involves restaurants.  Jack was so sweet to dash into the kitchen while I limped to the house after another day of working nearly to death (by choice, of course).  I plopped in the grass while he prepared a delicious steak, grilled potatoes, buttered onions and berry salad meal.
I watched the girls play while Jack crouched over our legless grill.  Someday, I'd love to get him a fancy, manly grill but usually luxuries like that and new clothes and haircuts take precedence behind things like drywall and paint and lumber.

Besides, he needs to build a patio to put it on first.
He's either smiling because he thinks I'm dreaming about a patio or he thinks it's a wonderful idea.  Or that the steaks look delicious.


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