10 June 2012

Let's Celebrate: Giveaway Number Three

Yesterday was the first year anniversary that The Rehomesteaders was begun so let's celebrate and have another giveaway!

My friend Amy in Montreal, Quebec was gracious enough to donate the darling little prize.  I met Amy several years ago when I served and LDS mission in Montreal and got to know her fairly well as we spent nearly every Monday for several months jogging, sweating and chatting.  Though I had no particular thoughts about issues such as breastfeeding or cloth diapering my future children, she was passionate about the subjects and ignited a desire in myself to do the same not only to save money but to be an environmentally conscientious mother.
Amy is one of the co-founders of AppleCheeks cloth diapers, one of the leading washable diaper brands today.  They are incredibly cute, are made of durable materials and most importantly are some of the thinnest and most absorbent cloth diapers on the market (trust me--I've gotten my hands on a few different brands and AppleCheeks is by far my favorite).
To celebrate The Rehomesteaders first year, up for grabs is a size one (6 to 20 lbs) washable swim diaper in Mojito.  Amy was sweet enough to send me another to try out on Claire and I have to say I fell in love with it.  Claire obviously appreciated the flexible material and adjustable waist and leg holes because she went right to playing after marveling at it for a few moments.  Check out the AppleCheeks website or their Facebook page for more information or to directly contact AppleCheeks about any questions you may have regarding cloth diapering.
If you're interested in being the lucky winner for your own child or grandchild or as an awesome baby shower gift, there are three methods of entry:
  1. "Like" The Rehomesteaders on the Facebook page (remember, not at the top of the blog post--go here to enter).
  2. Become a friend of The Rehomesteaders and follow on the left side of the page under "Join This Page."
  3. Leave a comment below about your swimming experience as a child.  Were you a water baby or did it take you a while to warm up to swimming?  I, for one, frazzled my mother whenever we were around water because I was determined to swim from a young age.  A lot like Claire is doing to me now, haha!
The giveaway will end on 15 June 2012 with the drawing of a random winner.  Good luck!


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