17 July 2012

The Hollyhocks

I love it when the hollyhocks grow.  Some years they are more abundant than others and the hot, dry weather has really favored them lately.  Swaying high above the grass, it's like a free garden without putting in any effort.
A few days before Magnus left us, I had him on weed control duty at the end of a long leash.  Of course, the first thing he noticed were the beautiful stalks of flowers towering above him.
He took one sniff and decided to try them out as scratching posts.  When he got frustrated enough that they weren't holding up so he could rub his head, he started headbutting them.

To save my beautiful (and free!) flowers, he was quickly moved to trim the grass under a black walnut tree.
He got his revenge on the grain can.  Sigh.  Silly Magnus.


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