13 July 2012

The Mother of All Bouquets

Jack is always wooing me with flowers.  Once in a while he'll splurge and buy some from a flower shop but that's only if wildflowers aren't in season.  Usually he takes a stroll out to the pasture and grabs a handful of the dozen or so varieties blooming beneath the horses' feet.  If he's really desperate though, he's even been known to fold some origami flowers for me.
When he came home from class yesterday, I was snoozing lightly on the couch while the girls watched a television show.  I vaguely remember him asking the girls if they wanted to help him, which they delightedly did.  I woke up from my nap, refreshed, happy that the girls were happy and finding the mother of all bouquets on my dining room table.
Jack had found a particularly good patch of flowers and the girls masterfully helped arrange them.

Aw!  They love me!


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