29 July 2012

My Little Helpers

I once worked with a guy that insisted he didn't like little kids because they were too much work and didn't give anything in return.  Obviously, he'd never been around children because helping is about all they want to do (though "helpful" is sometimes a subjective term).  I think my girls certainly pull their own weight.
 They're hay haulers.
Groundhog hole fillers.
Construction workers and animal caretakers.

They're mail collectors and gravel movers.

Berry pickers.
Egg hunters.
 Sticker and tape peelers.
They chase chickens out from under the car.
They'd happily mow the lawn and putty all the drywall if they could.

And if nothing else, they're pretty entertaining and nobody can discount the need for good entertainment.
I'm more than able to admit I can use all the help I can get around here.  I'm thrilled I have such good little helpers.


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