05 July 2012

A Nebraskan Fourth of July

This past week has been a whirlwind of activity, from having my sister and her family visit us in Iowa and then traveling back to Nebraska for a wedding, family reunion and a fourth of July party, among other engagements.  Nebraska was one of the few Midwestern states that didn't ban fireworks due to the hot, dry conditions and it seemed people liberally observed the holiday by shooting off an abundance of artillery shells in town and out.  At my in-laws, the fourth of July celebration has carried on for over a decade and has grown from a few families to around seventy-five people.

After an ample potluck dinner, one of Jack's cousins whipped out the famous Der Wiener Schlinger.  If you've ever been to a Nebraska sporting event, particularly a Husker football game, you've more than likely spotted the machine shooting wrapped hotdogs into the stands.  So what happens when it's aimed at a crowd of people eagerly waiting in an adjacent field?

They'll sprint in near 100F temperatures for a chance to catch the flying hot dog!
Once everyone's bellies were full and the sun sunk below the horizon, we enjoyed the fireworks display put on by several enthusiastic pyrotechnicians.
At the end of the night, we bid farewell to cousins, grandparents and friends, until the next reunion.  Then, we went home and promptly sacked out.
Hope you had a spectacular Independence day!


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