18 July 2012

Relief at the Lake

This summer has been a hot one.  Combined with the monumental home improvements we've been undertaking, I'm usually spent by the end of the day.  One of the favorite perks of our modest country home is that we live less than a mile from a quaint little lake.  So yesterday, after putting in hours of hard, sweaty work, we sought some relief at the lake.
Evelyn insisted she wanted to go canoeing so we strapped it down in the truck bed.  Of course, when we arrived, Jack realized he'd forgotten the oars.  Again, no big deal since we live so close.  The girls and I splashed in the water until he returned.
With our life jackets securely in place, we headed off.  Along the way, we passed some American white pelicans resting along a sandy peninsula.
When we got too close for comfort, they clumsily flew away and circled the lake overhead until they found a new resting place.  We then continued on and watched a couple of Labradors bound into the water after their toys and enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the shore.
I hope whatever dog we adopts likes the water.
Once we reached the opposite side of the lake, we reposed and enjoyed the rippling water under the shade of the maples and oaks.
The evening ended with a little more swimming, a couple of soft serve ice cream cones and drying off outside while playing with the chickens and rinsing off the sweaty horses.  It might be miserably hot outside but we couldn't have been happier.
At the sight of water, Claire can sprint fast enough to win Olympic gold medals.


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