31 August 2012

A Special Occasion

Yesterday was a day like most others.  We worked hard, fed the animals, tried to keep cool.  To our surprise though, Jack came home a bit early and that was the start of a special occasion.

There wasn't any real reason for our fun-filled afternoon and evening other than Jack's early arrival.  Usually we don't see him until dinnertime when his classes and homework are complete so we decided to venture to the antique carousel and take one last ride before it closes for the season.
Jack also borrowed some movie equipment from school for a Labor day party and we decided to test it out.  I'm sure I'll regret it today since the girls were allowed to stay up an hour past their bedtime but they were too young to enjoy an outdoor movie the last time we had one.  Still, we had fun lounging on our lawn, listening to the honking flocks of Canadian geese fly by light of the bright moon .
Even the cats mosied over to join us, even if it was just to try to steal some ice cream and take advantage of little kids willing to scratch their backs.
As I said, there wasn't any real reason for our special occasion.  It was, however, a much needed break from routine.  Definitely something we should do more often.


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