10 August 2012

Joke's On You

I was scurrying between inside and out while I did the normal home improvement routines for the day.  The girls looked on while they snacked on crackers and cheese, snatching unsuspecting chickens that strolled too close, obligating them to join their picnic.  My mind was whirring with what needed to be done for the day when I walked past a tube of excess ducting the girls had pulled outside to play with.  Suddenly, it sprang to life, shaking and making noise.  Out popped Gingerbread (or Penny--I can't tell them apart) but out of the corner of my eye, it might as well have been a rabid wolf.  I was sure I could hear her snickering as she scuttled back to the flock.

She tried the same thing ten minutes later but Evelyn discovered her.
With a few shakes and a yank, the hen's prank turned on her and Evelyn was cuddling the disgruntled hen, whether she wanted it or not.
Joke's on you!


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