19 August 2012

Year of the Baby

I said it once and will say it again: this is the year of the baby.
Not only are dozens of friends and family (and myself!) expecting or have had a baby this year, our homestead has seen its own increase in animals.
Milly had Murphy earlier this year, about a month before we returned from Jack's Texas internship and when Matilda didn't quickly follow suite, we figured she'd had a miscarriage or simply hadn't conceived.  Imagine our surprise to find a new little lamb at the house when we returned home from a quick out-of-town trip this weekend!
To add to our delight, the little lamb is snowy white with a prominent inky black mark on her back AND it's another ewe.  I enjoyed Magnus and Murphy is a laughable psycho but I really do prefer ewes.
The lamb is practically helpless to our affection.  She can't even outrun the girls but in a few weeks, she'll be able to sprint past them with ease.  It's amazing how fast sheep grow--Murphy is only four months older than the new lamb but easily outweighs her by fifty pounds.
We'll call her Marny in keeping with tradition in using uncommon, sometimes slightly ridiculous 'M' names for our sheep.  Marny's another mouth to feed but is also good practice in being gentle for the girls who will have a new sister within a matter of weeks.  After the past few days of dealing with naughty animals, a healthy baby lamb is a welcome surprise.
And as my Aunt Michele wisely pointed out the spirit of Jelly Bean (and Magnus for that matter) lives on in our tiny white lamb.


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