22 September 2012


Alice has quickly become known as the Houdini of our farm because she has the uncanny ability to escape anything she's confronted with.  She leaps fences, wriggles out of harnesses and squeezes out of chain-link dog fences.  Thank goodness she's addicted to sweet feed--it makes it a lot easier to wrangle her back into her enclosure when she's discovered escaped.
And where is Alice?  Not in the confinement.
But every once in a while, her plan backfires.
Her cute little horns were her downfall--she got her head through but it was too much of a trick to pull them back through and was consequently stuck on her knees for a few hours until she was discovered.  Oddly enough, she hasn't tried escaping since.  It must have been a huge blow to Houdini's confidence.

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