31 October 2012

DIY Barnwood Welcome Sign

With the demolition of our proud old barn, there's been more than enough wood for me to use for things like trim, flooring and shelves.  However, I also was set on making a few home decor pieces that would travel with us wherever we went to remind us of the magnificent structure.  With a board, some paint and patience, I managed to put together a few charming welcome signs/coat racks.  It was so simple and turned out adorable, each piece being unique as the individual cuts of wood!
What you'll need:

One piece of barn wood (or otherwise weathered wood)--size of your choosing
Craft paint
Xacto knife
Tracing paper or card stock
Hardware (hooks, decorative screws, etc--optional

1.  After choosing your wood, decide what phrase, quote or decoration you'd like.  Size it correctly for your wood (make sure the letters are not too tall, too small and that the entire phrase will fit) and print it.  Cut out with an Xacto knife. 
2.  Arrange the letters and decorations over the wood and tape to keep in place.
3.  Trace firmly with pencil.
4.  Paint within the lines (and don't worry about being perfect--part of the pleasure of working with barn wood are the imperfections).
5.  Force husband to finish if necessary.
6.  Outline with black ink or permanent marker, if desired.
7.  Add decorative hardware if using.  Hang using either nails or screws, making sure its attached to studs if you intend on hanging anything.
8.  Stand back and enjoy your handiwork!

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