11 October 2012

Shutter Factory

Earlier in August, I begged for opinions on our fire engine red front door.  Thankfully, the response was overwhelmingly positive.  If it had been contrary, I considered repainting, though the thought of having to paint with anything oil-based makes me shudder.  One woman on Hometalk was kind enough to draw up a plan using the multiple suggestions for shutters, flower boxes and landscaping.  I have yet to try some of the suggestions but this past week, I finally got around to doing the shutters.
Was it thirty degrees, windy and spitting rain?  Yes, but I had no mercy.  Jack and his dad were tasked with mounting the shutters regardless of weather.  In return, I had some warm apple cider waiting for them when they came in.
I took full advantage of my mother and in-laws dropping by to get most of the work done.  It was just a matter of measuring windows, cutting wood, painting, assembling and attaching them to the house.  I won't lie--it was quite the endeavor but we're very pleased with the results.
The shutters make the house feel a little more polished and homey, hopefully attracting a few more potential buyers.
The beginning of our shutter factory assembly line.
There's still plenty left to do on the house but when I look at my list compared to when we returned this summer, I am amazed how much we've been able to accomplish, thanks to lots of helpful family members, children and friends.

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