28 October 2012

Sister Slave

Jenny and her darling family.  And my husband Jack, the bridge troll.
Remember those hardworking grandmas?  Well I also have a sister who's my slave too.

She and her adorable family were nice enough to come for a visit to spend hours of fun with us, going to pumpkin patches, taking us to breakfast and accompanying Evelyn to dance class.  Then, not once but twice, she helped us get ready for two consecutive morning house showings.  We got up early and while I scrubbed the house clean, she dressed, fed, and fixed six little girls hair before joining forces with me to clean the house before we vacated it for an hour or so.  Then she spent her evenings reading to and playing tedious games of Memory with a two, three and four year old.

Not exactly a relaxing vacation but she said she had fun.

Thank you Jenny, my sister slave!
(And Jordan, Kaylee, Lydia and Elsa!)

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