18 October 2012

Tuba Reunion

Yes.  That is me carrying the sousaphone.  I can play it too.
Way back in middle school, I decided that it would be hilarious for a girl to play the tuba.  Come marching band in high school, I got the sousaphone--a marching version of the tuba, which seemed even more hysterically funny to my friends and I.  There I was, toting a 60+ pound brass instrument (none of that fiberglass nonsense), blasting away while moving into formation.  The real fun started when Kristin joined me and together we graduated from high school and tried out for the Cornhusker marching band together.  How could they say no?
They didn't.

I had an awesome three years playing before leaving to serve a year and a half long church mission.  Fortunately, there is a band alumni reunion every year and I get to see several of my fellow sousaphonists at an annual tuba dinner.
Some of the gang and their tuba-playing prodigy children.
The girls making new friends and then showing them how to really party by diving right into a frigid baby pool, clothes and all.  It's the country girl way.
It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces again, especially Kristin who moved all the way to NYC last year.  The tuba reunion seems to be the perfect meeting place since both our families are still in Nebraska.  I didn't get to spend as much time with them as last year though.  I bowed out from joining my fellow tubas in playing and marching but only because I was two weeks from my due date.
I vow to join their ranks again next year.


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