10 November 2012

Before and After

As we've finished improvements and renovations on our house, I've had several requests for before and after photos.  Finally, I've done it.  I snapped a few current photos after an early morning house showing and matched them up with the few before photos I had.  Most are taken from the same angle and though the photo quality isn't exactly the best and it can be difficult to visualize if you haven't visited before (some photos don't look at all alike because walls were removed, cabinets put in, appliances moved, etc) but I think there's a pretty stark difference.  I'll let the photos do the talking.

The Back Porch
The Kitchen
The Downstairs Bath
The Dining Room
The Living Room
The Front Porch
The Downstairs Bedroom
The Stairs
The Upstairs Bath
The Hallway

The Upstairs Bedroom
The Master Bedroom
The Nursery
The Exterior
It took four and a half years of hard labor to return the house and land to its former glory.  It was worth it.

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