07 November 2012

The First Goodbye

With this year quickly drawing to a close, our life has become an emotional roller coaster.  We were on top of the world when Baby Kate was born and shortly after, Jack was offered a phenomenal job opportunity before he even graduated.  However, with the thrilling good news, it was also evident that staying put wasn't an option.  In fact, we wouldn't be anywhere even close.
The mares were always well-mannered when children were around.
Last week, Jack headed up to Seattle along with dozens of other national recruits to meet with managers at the prospective positions.  The managers ranked the recruits, the recruits ranked the interest in the position and a match was made.  Jack called, we discussed it and...

Washington state, here we come!

So now the real roller coaster ride begins, the first plunge involving our horses.
A favorite Sunday pastime: feeding the animals together after church.
Well, not our horses, per se.

I've seen and read Anna Sewell's Black Beauty entirely too many times to even consider selling my horses (and thankfully, we have the means to avoid having to do it).  However, our little herd for the last few years has consisted of our old gelding and a filly bought as a companion for him and two rescued mares that came along a little later as boarders.
It didn't take long for them to establish their order to life.  Usually the three mares threw back their ears at each other in a benign display of dominance while Stoney just stood back and watched.  They enjoyed galloping together when I whistled them over to be fed and more than once were caught napping in the warm sun, side by side.
Last Sunday the fiery red off-the-track thoroughbred mare and the solid black paint mare were moved to their new home.  It was the first goodbye we've had to say as our new adventure evolves.  In answer to everyone's fervent prayers, they found a wonderful new home just a few miles up the road with another old gelding who seems thrilled to have some company.
Happy horses make me happy.
Farewell Midnight and No Way!  Enjoy your new home!
~Stoney and Dancer
Thank you Mannings for lending photos and having a wonderful time with us here at the farm!

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